Recipes Finds

This is a list of recipes that took my fancy from all sorts of places. Now I just have to get around to trying them all...

Chinese Braised Chicken
Black Bean Chilli
Chicken in mustard cream sauce
Lamb shoulder and lentil tagine
Potato, bean and lamb shoulder stew
Chicken Casserole blueprint recipe
Swedish meatballs
Crisp roast pork hock
Vietnamese pulled pork
Spanish chicken with chorizo
Eggplant gratin with herbs and creme fraiche

Date walnut and chocolate power balls - DF
Oaty energy balls
Choc power balls
A kid baked that chocolate cake - made this one, well actually my 6 yr old did, a great 1 bowl cake that is moist and fudgy
Pear cake
Bread with oats, pumpkin seeds, thyme, rosemary, parsley


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