Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog find - Pod and Three Peas

Given the rare opportunity of a bit of me time, I love nothing more than reading food blogs and recipes on the web - also good when insomnia strikes! Recipes on blogs are great as they are tried and tested, finding a blog you like is better than a new recipe book! The other day I discovered Pod and Three Peas, the blogger Paula created her blog to "keep track of and share recipes that we love". Having just had a quiet afternoon I have just read back though most of the blog.

I love this blog and relate to it because - I want to cook most of her recipes, she cooks lots of similar things to me (but manages to blog a whole lot more - inspiring), she has two little kids similar in age to mine but and still cooks great food, she loves baking, she makes New York Times no-knead bread, she loves Japanese panko breadcrumbs, she has difficulty letting her children ice the biscuits their way too, she is particular about sausages, she measures her day in cold cups of tea. Thanks for sharing with us Paula!
I made one of her recipes that first night for dinner - Mustard and Creme Fraiche Baked Chicken. It was soooo delicious and very easy - would be a perfect dinner party dish (it didnt look nearly as bad as she makes out!). I will be making this again, I used creme fraiche and pancetta the first time but might try sour cream and bacon next time for a cheaper option.

So here is a list of all the recipes I want to try from the blog:
feta, ham and parsley filo tart
roasted cauli and almond salad
olive oil crackers - like those delicous long crisp thin breads that go so well with cheese that I cant afford
devilled sausages - a new one for the slow cooker
ginger crunch
raspberry buttermilk cake
chocolate cheesecake cupcakes
shortbread - tried and tested
cherry tomato, salami and chickpea soup
crispy pork belly with apple fennel slaw
sweet chilli beef and peanut salad
harira soup - morrocan lamb and chickpea soup
egyptian fish and sea
mexican lasagne
ottoman lamb with eggplant bechamel
zucchini carpaccio - zucchini salad with pine nuts, currants, capers and feta

Hmmm, quite a long list, might keep me going for awhile!

On her blog last March, Paula wrote she is still looking for the perfect brownie recipe. I think I have found it, although each to their own, so my next post is for you.

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  1. I just popped over to see what you've been cooking and WOW !!!!!!!! I am so chuffed :) I can't wait for the brownie recipe, I find them really challenging waiting with baited breath !!!