Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Baking

I have had a lovely night tonight alone in the kitchen baking lots of Christmas treats. With all the children asleep, this is my idea of a relaxing evening! The oven was broken all week so was having baking withdrawals. Inspired by the desire to make some edible gifts for my daughter's teachers I browsed online for recipes. I envisage giving them a jar full of something, so we will see whats successful. Here is what I made, I will post back later with the verdict(s)... Ed. see comments below

Almond, Vanilla and Coffee Bean Brittle @
 - this was fantastic, see this post about it
Chocolate Caramel Crackers @ Smitten Kitchen
 - this unusual combination was delicious. Bit hard to give as gifts due to the chocolate melting but great to eat as an after dinner treat!
Beer and Chilli Candied Peanuts @
 - not that great. The beer didn't add any flavour and I wasn't sure about the chilli and sugar combo, might just do regular candied nuts next time.
100s of Biscuits @ Planning with Kids
 - these were yummy and easy with a nice texture, I flavoured mine with giant freckles I had left over from a birthday party. I made the dough into long logs that were quick to slice into biscuits. I still have one log in the freezer.

And a few more recipes I may still make (not tonight, its nearly midnight!)...
 Ed. never got to these - maybe next year!
Caramel and White Chocolate Fudge @
Salted Caramels @

Candied Nuts @ Chocolate and Zucchini

Berry and Pistachio Biscotti @

Cranberry and White Chocolate Shortbread @

I have also soaked the fruit for my favourite christmas cake that I discovered last year - Date, Hazelnut and Currant Christmas Cake. The recipe for this Italian cake was printed in the Sydney Morning Herald last year, I made it then and once in the middle of the year because Christmas was too long to wait. I will do a full post on this once its baked. Doesn't look like it will get its two weeks wrapped in foil to improve with age, never mind!

Tomorrow I along with two little helpers will be making Christmas treats for my daughters classmates, I don't expect it will be quite as peaceful as tonight! We will be making Reindeer Biscuits from Planning with Kids - mint slice biscuits with jaffa noses, cachous eyes and pretzel ears (theirs use mint leaves but I couldn't get these and have seen reindeer cupcakes with pretzel ears that look great).
 Ed. see this post about the biscuits - they were great!

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